Second Year in the Pemberton Garden

IMG_1316IMG_0569After spending far too much time weeding my new garden I had 24 raised beds made and covered the pathways with landscape material topped with fir bark mulch.With the extra time I had to work in the garden I chose an array of heritage vegetable seeds to sow as well as adding nasturtiums to cover the pathways and crackerjack marigolds for the borders.From being a food producing garden it became my paradise.All summer long the birds,honey bees and butterflies were my companions in my colourful, fragrant and productive garden.IMG_1038


Seed catalogues

Back in the day garden seed catalogues would arrive by mail now I love browsing for seeds online. My loyalty is no longer limited to buying from  one or two seed companies as I have in the past. I limit my choices to heirloom and organic and the variety of vegetable and flower seeds is endless. I have discovered new companies and I am impressed with the quality and the wide range of seeds I can grow. One intriguing company I have been buying from is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Last year my vegetable garden harvest was a success both in terms of the quality and the diversity of the vegetables I was able to grow. I experimented by growing their peppers, both hot and sweet, as well as melons and okra. All did very well in my Pemberton area garden.  An additional bonus to buying from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is their packaging and labelling. The seed packets are a work of art with  water-colour images of vegetables and I appreciate opening  beautifully illustrated seed package when I am on my hands and knees toiling in the garden. With optimism I look forward to another successful gardening year and the colourful empty seed packets pinned in my garden shed remind me of last years successful harvest.  The photo  above is of my rosemary plant  also adorned with a few of the empty seed packets.

photos: Baker seeds